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Lila Adhikari (Patalo Antare) is a student of business administration and Nepali Language and cultural administrator in different organizations like GBLO and GFNL.

Patalo Antare has engaged in voluntary work since 2006. He had completed his diploma in Nepal and also completed an Associate in Business Administration from HAAC in 2020. He is a running bachelor’s student.

In 2011 Patalo Antare joined GBLO (Global Bhutanese Literary Organization) because he wanted to make an impact within the community via Literature and arts. Since 2019 he is working as a general secretary of GBLO. He is also a board member of BCH and OHRC since 2019. While in GBLO, Patalo Antare, along with several youth leaders runs Nepali Language classes for kids called GEP. GEP today runs 5 different Nepali classes virtually. He had published 3 different books in the Nepali Language. He is a good author and also a leader.

Patalo Antare role in GBLO today is as a general secretary. He is also a language teacher and a program director in GEP. He is working on a board of directors in GFNL USA. He is also a member of “Triveni Sahitya Manch” Harrisburg.

*GBLO (Global Bhutanese Literary Organization)

*GFNL (Global Federation for Nepali Literature)

*GEP (Global Education Program)