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I’m Tika R. Gurung, born on February 13, 1987, in Tsirang, Bhutan. I came to Nepal
in 1991 and settle in Goldhap Refugee Camp for 19 years. I moved to the United States of
America in the year 2010 and currently, residing in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with my wife
and two sons. My early education took place in Blooming Lotus English School in Goldhap,
Jhapa, Nepal. Continuing my education, I attended Amity Secondary School in Birtamode,
Jhapa, Nepal. Overseeing my Job history, I’m a former employee of Our Home care LLC with
the position as a Marketing Director for over two years, marketing, bringing new clients, and
expanding their business. I’m currently an Owner/ General Manager of Calvary Staffing Agency
LLC from 2021 to now and I work as an Assistant Area Manager in intra-national Home Care
LLC from 2020 to now, monitoring employees, recruiting new workers, and completing payroll
summaries of employees. I also have taken the volunteering position as a secretary in Bhutanese
Nepali Evangelical Church of Harrisburg from the year 2012 to now, managing the church’s
administrative tasks, conducting meetings, and counseling. Over all these years I have been able
to gain a lot of experiences and skills, from dealing with clients to effective problem solving which
has been a strength of mine.