Ghanashyam Gautam

Associate Director

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Education & Training

Ghanashyam Gautam is an Application Developer working for Church Mutual Insurance Company and he runs his own IT company called GorkhaTech.

Ghanashyam has engaged in voluntary work since high school. He went to high school in Philadelphia where he actively volunteered in BAOP and MEP.

He went to Albright College for his bachelors in computer science and ran one of the biggest clubs on campus called ISA.

In 2019 Ghanashyam joined BCH because he wanted to make an impact within the community. Prior to joining BCH, Ghanashyam along with several strong youth leaders ran an ORG called BSH (Bhutanese Scholars of Harrisburg). While in BCH, Ghanashyam, along with several youth leaders founded a virtual youth community called BYC. BYC today runs Mentorship Programs and youth engagement events virtually.

Ghanashyam’s role in BCH today is as an Associate Director.