About US

Bhutanese Community in Harrisburg is Charitable and Humanitarian based Non-Profit 501C (3) status organization established since 2011. The objective of the organization is to address and help preserve social, cultural, health, educational, charitable and humanitarian issues of Community in order to facilitate and enable the Bhutanese community to have an easy integration in the American mainstream society by promoting and preserving the legacy of this nation as the land of freedom and opportunity.

Bhutanese Community in Harrisburg recently moved its office to different location from its previous place and now will be responsible for all expenses that are allocated along with rent throughout the lease contract. This organization has received tremendous support from members, well-wishers, and donors in the past and expect continuous support in future as well. 

To support charitable and humanitarian cause, BCH is requesting for small donation from our community members, well-wishers, and followers. Since Bhutanese Community in Harrisburg is located in Harrisburg, PA area, our mainly targeted donors for this fundraising activity are local community people but any help from non-local people are highly appreciated. Donation in regards to its size doesn’t matter to our intentions, thus BCH urges our donors to feel free to donate any size of amount and help achieve our goal. �Please accept warm regards and appreciation for your help and support in advance. BCH anticipates your support in this fundraising campaign.Thank You.